Wisemans Tour

Cycle tourer and good friend, Harry Wiseman set off on a journey of a life time, cycling 10,000 miles across Eurasia with little more than his bike and the clothes on his back. Wiseman’s Tour details his story and the motivations that fuelled his adventure.


Harry and I toured 300 miles from Hastings to Snowdonia prior to his major feat across Eurasia. This provided a first hand experience of touring and an insight into the challenges he’d soon face on a solo tour.

Along the way I photographed and documented the basis of what would later help form Wiseman’s Tour — a website and journal sharing his story, the drivers and goals behind his adventure as well as an inventory for those keen to follow in his footsteps.


Since completing his journey, Harry has received a number of awards, lectured at schools and helped raise awareness of CALM and it’s efforts in battling mental health.


‘Yes, I might be naïve to the scale of the challenge, but nothing epic comes easy’

Harry Wiseman, cycle tourer

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