Guiding Lights

The UK film industry’s leading mentoring programme for upcoming filmmakers and professionals, Guiding Lights, launched a new iteration of the scheme and with it wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the programme’s identity.

Guiding Lights (run by Lighthouse, Brighton) needed an identity that captured the intangible elements of the programme – people, creativity, relationships, networks – as well of the prestige of the mentors who have taken part over the years, including Danny Boyle and Barbara Broccoli.


The solution nods back to film aesthetics such as hard light, stark contrast, and shadow ensuring that cinematography takes centre stage.

The identities use of negative space casts light on the creativity and community behind Guiding Lights and its network of excellence. It is intended to be meek yet bold in a manner that compliments the programmes activities.

While capturing the abstract concepts behind Guiding Lights, the logo performs in a variety of scenarios – overlaid, standalone and animated. The ‘GL’ mark acts as an anchor for all instances of the programme and its initiatives, and can also be used as a decorative graphical element.


The bespoke ‘GL’ and letter ‘G’ has been drawn up particularly for the logo mark, using Lighthouse’s corporate typeface, Futura, as a base. Careful attention to letter spacing and alignments ensure a tight, legible execution of the identity.


‘The final design is both minimalist and bold, and beautifully captures the prestige of the scheme without being ostentatious… It’s extremely clever in its simplicity and incorporated everything we had asked for and more. Eddie really went the extra mile in his proposal’

Sian Habell-Aili, Lighthouse Development Producer

Sian Habell-Aili, Lighthouse Development Producer

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