Having explored an initial narrative and visual concept I began thinking about the most efficient method of production.

Being that the final submission is projected at large scale it is important to refer to prior research regarding pace and aesthetics. With this in mind I began dissembling the animation into a number of layers / elements, essentially creating individual assets.

It's important that I keep individual assets basic enough that they work in black and white, however, include a level of detail that ensures that elements are instantly recognisable and the narrative is followed with minimal effort. This is important due to the audience largely consisting of young children. Another point to reference is the technical aspects surrounding the final output. As previously stated pace should be considered, if the final submission is too fast the audience will struggle to keep up due to the sheer scale of the projection. Likewise, if to slow, the audience will be disengaged.


Initial asset creation using Illustrator


Developed assets using After Effects


Adding motion to elements


Scene compositing


Project contents

Research: Projection mapping
Research: The theme
Research: Look and feel
Research: Narrative
Full research presentation

Creative: Sketches and storyboard
Creative: Animation and asset creation •
Creative: Audio
Creative: Developed submission

Work experience: Process, refinement, filming and 3D
Evaluation and final show