Alongside a number of others in the group, I went on week's placement with the team at West End Studio's to further refine and be involved in the overall production of the light show.

This opportunity offered me the chance to explore how a team of professionals approach a project of this nature. Having almost completed my contribution to the overall show I spent much of my time at West End exploring the 3D, film and rotoscoping techniques used by the team. Alongside this I worked on some minor refinements and discussing overall storyboarding.

Support with 3D environments

Using a combination of assets already created by West End and personally modelled assets I supported them by developing the children's 3D bedroom. Prior to this I was confident modelling elements, however, had very little experience setting up camera's and lighting. With the support of the team at West End I slowly began getting to grips with the logistics. This included developing fairy lights, ambient and directional lights to help bring the scene to life and create a sense of depth.

While the 3D environments were being developed the team were also filming the opening and closing scenes for the show. The footage, once captured would then be rotoscoped and placed within the 3D environments (as shown above – actors and children's bed).

Being present during the time of the shoot I supported by acting as Santa for the show. Initially unaware that this would be the one and only take, I'd opted to step in as a dummy run.


Overall, my experience at West End Studio's was worthwhile. I was surprised by how relaxed the environment was (office dogs, contemporary music etc) or at least how well maintained the peace was approaching deadline. It was a great insight into the methods and processes taken to execute the show and also very rewarding to be involved in the 3D development of the project.


Project contents

Research: Projection mapping
Research: The theme
Research: Look and feel
Research: Narrative
Full research presentation

Creative: Sketches and storyboard
Creative: Animation and asset creation
Creative: Audio
Creative: Developed submission

Work experience: Process, refinement, filming and 3D •
Evaluation and final show