Having explored and developed an understanding of what works and the limitations surrounding projection mapping, I began researching potential visual approaches. This includes generic look and feel, character design, scene and frame transitions.

In this stage of research I aim to keep alternative routes open while considering my technical abilities and restrictions surrounding the projected output. The following visualisations present outputs such as geometric and low-poly, gingerbread, stop-frame animation, 3D animation, 2D traditional animation and paper-cut outs.

Successful frame transitions

00:00 — 00:06
Pay close attention to swift scene transitions. Is there any potential for me to include transitions like this? I.e. from portal to imaginative world...


00:45 — 01:20
Explore ways in which I can close and build up scenes. A very successful use of colour transitioning into an entirely different scene featured here. When developing animation be aware of other narratives and how contrasting aesthetics might compliment each other.


00:34 — 00:54
Effective use of negative space and simple pan and zoom frame transitions. Little movement made up of 2/3 frames to create the sense of motion. The pace makes this projection very easy to follow — keep this in mind when developing submission.


Project contents

Research: Projection mapping
Research: The theme
Research: Look and feel •
Research: Narrative
Full research presentation

Creative: Sketches and storyboard
Creative: Animation and asset creation
Creative: Audio
Creative: Developed submission

Work experience: Process, refinement, filming and 3D
Evaluation and final show