Moving forward with initial creative I began developing animated scenes and sequencing the full projection in line with the developed audio files.

The process behind this stage of development relied heavily on compositing individual assets, making use of keyframing, 3D tools and cameras within Adobe After Effects.

Knowingly working on files that would be handed over to West End Studios, I aimed to keep my them tidy and professional from the outset. Working towards tight deadlines demands efficient workflows. Keeping working files organised ensures that the next person is able dive in with minimal effort. This also made life easier for myself while navigating many levels of pre-comps within compositions and a number of individual assets (named appropriately).

Working screenshot from final composition...

Rendered video file

This first draft render is overlaid and masked to give an idea of what the projected outcome may look like. Although, all looks good in the digital realisation, when referring to technical aspects of projection mapping, white projected light essentially illuminates it's canvas, much like a shining a torch. This would prove to become problematic when projecting onto a building such as Eastbourne's town hall which is very detailed in red brick and ornamented features.

After discovering that white projected light would cause issues, I revisited the animation and explored various colour alternatives. This included red, green and blue outputs. All of which create a different mood for the animation. The red almost becomes evil (not the intended outcome) leaving the green and blue.

Moving forward I opted for green as I believe this is more in tone with the Christmas theme and also links in with early colour explorations in the research stages. There was also the possibility that blue may have created a strange browny tone when projected onto red brick.

Alongside the above, I explored the possibility of adding a festive knitted jumper adjustment. A nice addition, however, when discussing with the client and piers we concluded that it almost looks like an old fuzzy TV from afar. As you can see in the below video smaller details are lost throughout the animation.


Final submission to client


Project contents

Research: Projection mapping
Research: The theme
Research: Look and feel
Research: Narrative
Full research presentation

Creative: Sketches and storyboard
Creative: Animation and asset creation
Creative: Audio
Creative: Developed submission •

Work experience: Process, refinement, filming and 3D
Evaluation and final show