The audio applied to my animated elements is largely compiled through royalty free SFX and Christmas like jingles. Some additional SFX were recorded by myself. The aim here is to compliment the previously created sequences but synchronising audio and visual.

Initial audio research based on the theme of Christmas...


Audio / SFX recorded by me...


Royalty free audio / SFX gathered...


Developing audio mixdown

Using a combination of sourced and personally created SFX I began to layer up and generate a audio mixdown to be synced with the final animation using Adobe Audition.

Finalised soundtrack...


Project contents

Research: Projection mapping
Research: The theme
Research: Look and feel
Research: Narrative
Full research presentation

Creative: Sketches and storyboard
Creative: Animation and asset creation
Creative: Audio •
Creative: Developed submission

Work experience: Process, refinement, filming and 3D
Evaluation and final show