Following my initial research in animation types and methods of production I have gathered some strong examples relating to traditional cell animation and 2D animations.

Phantom Limb by Alex Grigg tells the story of a young couple who learn to deal with phantom pains following a motorcycle accident. In my opinion, all aspects of this film have been created to an exceptionally high standard (Sequences and compositions, sound design, scene transitions, illustrative style, character design and narrative). I am particularly drawn to the variety of camera angles, added texture and use of light / shadow.

As I develop into the creative stages of my animation I aim to pay close attention to pace and use of establishing sequences, similar to as seen in shots between 01:20–01:31. Shot's between 00:16–00:26 capture strong emotion in the characters faces and body language, specifically how each slant their head and hold themselves — considering the simplicity and detail in their facial features, this has been executed very well through careful movement of the eyes and brow. From early on in the film, it is clear that the male character is carrying a weight of regret or anxiety. This piece will act as a strong reference should my short include characters.


Around 2am (directed by Gunner & Daniel Savage) tells the story of a defining night in 1969 for the LGBTQ movement. With audio taking lead in the short promotional narrative the artists have made use of a clean, stripped back visual approach that compliments the narrative dialogue. Scene transitions are particularly well executed as is the use of negative space seen at 00:30–00:32. I am interested in the subtle use of light reflections and the silhouette reflected in the liquid seen in sequences 00:16–00:22.


In a dark world of greed a king chases the secrets of universe and existence. Planemah (animated short by Jakob Schmidt) is a trippy allegory about desire, ruthlessness and failing. The mood and atmosphere of the short is both dark and dream like. Creative use of of camera angles such as the dutch tilt seen throughout, really helps to dramatise the narrative and portray a sense of unease and discomfort. Power and authority of the king is emphasised by the added use of high / low angle shots either looking down on his philosophers or looking up to the king (as seen in scene 02:36–02:50)


Auke de Vries explores what a world invested in 'The Super Rope Solution' might look like. This lighthearted comedy almost makes a mockery of modern society and how susceptible we are to product marketing. While the animation is 2D there is a real sense of depth created by splitting the subject, foreground and background elements. Little dialogue is needed due the visual story telling accurately depicting it's narrative in a simple, understandable manner.


Project contents

Research: Animation types and approach
Research: Narrative animations •
Research: Audio exploration
Research: Illustrative styles

Exploration: Sketches and storyboard
Exploration: Animatic
Exploration: Style sheets
Exploration: Character sheets
Exploration: Developed animatic

Creative: Developed style
Creative: Rough animation
Creative: Final animation