Spoken word is a word based performance that focuses on word play, intonation and voice inflection. It is a poetic art form delivered aloud and particularly popular within hiphop and slam poetry.

From the outset of this project I felt that a select spoken word track would be fitting for the brief. With a continued and growing interest in slam poetry I began collating a variety of known artist within the field. My chosen selection of artist largely write of current social climates touching on themes such as education, politics and human interaction.


'Open Hand' focuses on the struggle between status and stigma. This passionate and aggressive performance tackles ideas of social separation through both race and class. Raw and thought provoking, this piece generates emotions similar to Gil Skott-Heron's 1971, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.


'Poetry: How Does It Feel?' is a deep and evocative play on words exploring the authors intellectual and bodily desires. Lyrically harmonious and complimented by a slow drum, bass, saxophone and keys.


'Pick Your Poison' tells an sensitive and emotionally deep narrative making strong and appropriate use of intonation and inflection. Nego explores subjects such as justice over sacrifice.


Selected track: 'Europe Is Lost' follows the story of 'Esther' a social worker whose day comes to an end at 4:18am. Her thoughts are defined by her job — she is upset by a world in which the individuals in an atomised consumer society turn their backs on refugees and immigrants. I feel the opening minute featured here will suit well and enable to explore a number of creative executions, making use of film techniques mentioned in previous stages of this project. The subject of the piece is both current and relatable to many young adults in society today.


Project contents

Research: Animation types and approach
Research: Narrative animations
Research: Audio exploration •
Research: Illustrative styles

Exploration: Sketches and storyboard
Exploration: Animatic
Exploration: Style sheets
Exploration: Character sheets
Exploration: Developed animatic

Creative: Developed style
Creative: Rough animation
Creative: Final animation