UK based graphic designer exercising my creative alias, Stuedio.

How do? I’m Eddie Stuart — a drop of fresh blood in the industry, keen to make moves, disrupt creative boundaries and explore the world.

Bouncing between big city and small seaside town, a lot of my work stems from my surroundings, largely spanning creative disciplines in print, typography, motion and website design. I aim to employ an ‘I know nothing’ approach, immersing myself within each project. I’m a big believer in objective design grappled by modern wellbeing, our ever changing social climate, cultural developments, the weird and the wonderful.

Imagine Stuedio as my creative playground, a portfolio and journal that houses my explorations, commercial projects and thinking. A space for me to push concepts and grow as a creative.

Somewhat educated, mostly curious, questionably naive, it’s all a part of the journey, right?

I kicked things off with an advanced business apprenticeship supporting a number of commercial and marketing teams. Through natural progression – and a twinge of envy towards the in-house designers gifted with daily creative endeavours – I later embarked on a foundation degree in Visual Communication, followed by a BA in Graphic Design for Digital Media at The University of Brighton.

Quick to join the team at Playne Design in 2016, I’m currently an integrated designer at the consultancy, involved in all aspects of the creative process from concept through to artwork.